How to make your pc run faster and smoother

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A laptop is a convenient tool for performing business and personal duties. Few people can live without it. But many millions of people happily employ a laptop as one of their key tools for getting work done. Unfortunately, many laptop users don't understand what to do to keep their units up and running. Lack of proper planning can lead to units that are virtually useless. Here are 5 simple tips for turning a laptop into a much more functional work tool.

Delete waste data and start cleaning your laptop immediately

Computer warehouses filled with old applications, old pictures, and expired e-mail are a dime a dozen. The only way to turn them into something useful is by removing them, usually as soon as possible. Start with your e-mail application and simply delete all the old messages and other clutter. Uninstall any programs that you no longer use. Always empty out your recycle bin. Do the same for your browser history and cookies. Once you empty out your history, you will be able to see what additional space you have on your hard drive.

Give your hard drive a break.

Have your hard drive into a well-ventilated area and see if you can get all of that downloaded music and video off your machine. If you don't have a UPS or a good surge protector, you are going to have at least a couple of lost files on your machine.

Unload the unwanted

If you have tried everything else and it's time to give up. Start with your wireless or dial-up connection. If it's still annoyingly slow, upgrade to a faster speed. For cell phones, look into investing in a cell card. If you have a laptop, and you want to use it more quickly, then invest in a USB flash drive. Get the extra memory and flash storage and you will have more flexibility in using your machine.

Make the Internet faster

Check to make sure that you have the minimum requirements. Once you have checked, try going online. If everything is all right on your computer, update all of your software on your machine, ensuring you have the latest drivers in your system. This might make your connection run faster.

Have a conversation on how to use the Internet

Make sure you understand the terms. Don't ask, "Do you mind if I can borrow 1 download from your website?" or "Can I have a byte of your music for free?" Have questions? Leave them. You will be glad you did in the end. Paying attention to the dimensions of your computer screen is a must.

Things can go seriously when your computer can't play nice

Lack of data or no data means no work can be done. Even worse, you can experience system crashes, a freezing computer, a blue screen, hardware crashing, a reload or installation failure, and more. All of this can be solved by using registry repair software. This software is designed to work closely with your existing operating system and it will detect if there are any problems in your PC's registry.