Laptop Accessories for Improved Comfort and Convenience

If you're reading this on your laptop, you could be doing so pretty well anywhere. That's the beauty of a portable computer; you can use it in (nearly) any setting. 

There are exceptions, of course, such as in a juddering vehicle, on a slippery surface or in dazzling sunshine. Situations like these can present significant problems, but for a modest cost, you can resolve them with the appropriate accessories. Here are a few of the many product types available to improve your laptop experience and also your health, well-being, and productivity.

Non-slip mats 

A non-slip laptop mat will hold your hardware secure on a slippery or tilting surface. These items come in assorted colors and designs, and usually with computer cooling provision. A basic mat will only cost a few dollars, which you'll quickly recoup through improved productivity and enjoyment.

Laptop trays 

A purpose-designed tray helps you balance your laptop where its name suggests: on your lap. With its cushioned base and slip-resistant surface, it looks after your body and your machine together so that you can sit comfortably with the equipment set steadily across your legs. For total luxury, select a tray with a lamp, pen slot, and cup holder incorporated in the design.

Wrist rests 

Whether you're playing a computer game, writing a document or surfing the net, you'll be clicking busily at the keyboard. If your wrists are unsupported, though, you may be experiencing aches or pains in your arms, and repeated strain of this kind can induce the chronic condition, RSI, or repetitive strain injury. But you can avoid this by supporting your arms on raised surfaces, such as purpose-made armrests. You'll find a variety on the market, ranging from foam rolls to sophisticated contraptions that can be attached to your desk and adjusted.

Laptop risers 

A laptop riser lifts the keyboard at an angle, which some users find helpful in preventing the strain of the neck, back or other body areas. You can buy a simple riser for around the price of a coffee and cake, or a more flexible and adjustable one for the approximate cost of a meal, depending on your needs and budget. View the assortment available, including models that also serve as platforms, lifting the keyboard horizontally above desk level to accommodate height and posture. 

Anti-glare products 

On a sunny day, you'll want to take your laptop outside and tap away under the blue sky. However, sunlight can severely obscure your screen view, and a seat in the shade may not improve matters much. But a light-filtering screen protector will solve the problem for you and will work with indoor lights, too. Prices start at around ten dollars or lower, but make sure to choose one that fits your screen and is easy to apply. You might like to invest in one that also protects against sticky fingers, scratchy nails, and snooping eyes.

Computer stands 

Improve your health and figure, as well as your comfort, by giving your body a stretch as you compute. Height-adjustable computer stands let you stand tall and tone up your muscles from head to toe as you read or click. These fitness promotors come at reasonable prices, considering their size and flexibility. For travel use, look out for a compact, portable version.

USB cup warmers 

When you're engrossed in computing, a mug of coffee can go cold before you know it, but you can solve this problem by treating yourself to a computer-heated cup warmer. These gadgets come in plain styles, suitable for a formal workplace, and in fun ones, such as in the guise of a cookie or donut. The mug stand connects to a USB, which plugs into your laptop. Check the measurements of your preferred model to make sure it will accommodate your favorite cup or mug.

It's well worth getting the practical glitches sorted to make the most of your laptop. When everything's in place for maximum use and comfort, you can take it even further.